Discover Upland PSA 2019 R1.6 With New Mobile Expenses

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Upland Admin

Upland PSA mobile expense submission Always on the move, this latest release of Upland PSA forges the path forward to help our customers streamline their services business, so they can focus on what it takes to build a predictable services business.

In addition to a significant number of customer enhancements and platform upgrades, the focus of this latest release has been the Upland PSA mobile app, representing a leap forward in how end-users experience and use mobile timesheets and expenses. Building on the momentum of our previous two releases, we’ve added great new features to the expense functionality, arming your project workforce with even more functionality that make it easier to enter time and expense information, without having to login to the desktop app.

Starting with an upgrade to the overall look and feel, the mobile app comes with improvements to the page layouts, updated color scheme, and adjustments to various buttons, dialog boxes, options and more. End-users will appreciate the modern aesthetic and be able to do more, with fewer clicks. Not to mention, project managers will get a clearer, more up-to-date picture of project costs, customers are invoiced accurately and on-time, it’s a win-win-win.

We have also bundled in some end-user enhancements to upgrade how they interact with Upland PSA overall and have added incremental functionality to Upland Analytics, in an ongoing effort to evolve and mature the business intelligence engine of Upland PSA.

Check out all that Upland PSA 2019 R1.6 has to offer:

  • Visit the Feature Highlights page
  • Watch a 2-minute product video on Upland Mobile Timesheets
  • Watch a 90-second video about Upland Analytics
  • Request a demo for an in-depth discussion and demonstration on how Upland PSA can help you build a customer-centric services organization
  • If you’re already a PSA customer, contact your Customer Success Manager directly for more information or access the full release notes in the Help files of Upland PSA.

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