Analytics for RFP Responses & Proposal Management

Take Your Organization from Reactive to Proactive

RFP Analytics Dashboards and Reports

Upland Analytics for Qvidian provides real-time RFP response and proposal process insights, so you can increase productivity and sales and proposal content quality, prove your team’s value, and win more.

  • Identify Opportunities – With scheduled reports and trend monitoring.
  • Refine Content Strategy – Create more of what is performing well.
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks – Identify and alleviate overburdened team members.
  • Build a Winning Team – Based on their record of success with similar projects.
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  • Seamless Integration

    Access directly from Qvidian.
    Familiar look, navigation, and controls.

  • Standard Dashboards

    Get started faster.
    Access to preconfigured dashboards.

  • Trend Monitoring

    Stay ahead of evolving trends.

  • Data Exports

    Share insights via Excel and PDF.

  • Filter & Drill-Down

    Zero-in on key interest areas.
    Refine to get to insights faster.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Keep stakeholders informed.
    Automate running regular reports.

Upgrade to Enterprise

Get Drag & Drop RFP & Proposal Report Builder

Upgrade to Enterprise Upland Analytics for Qvidian to get access to an intuitive drag & drop report builder.

  • Create and share custom dashboards and reports
  • Display insights with new chart and graph types
  • Define new filters to refine dashboards
  • Add formulas to automate calculations

Drive Insights from Your RFP Automation Software & Proposal Automation Software

RFP and proposal professionals often know the value their RFP automation software and proposal automation software provides anecdotally, but have difficultly proving revenue impact and ROI to executives and other stakeholders. Real-time analytics dashboards put indisputable insights at your fingertips in a format that is easy to understand and share.

See the power of great proposal automation in action.