Automate DDQ and Security Questionnaire Responses to Increase Speed and Accuracy

Even a minor error or compliance violation is unacceptable when replying to due diligence questionnaires (DDQs) and security questionnaires. With automation, organizations can always access accurate, current information rapidly, and enforce multi-step review and approval workflows.

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Get to the Best Answers Faster with Intelligent Answer Recommendation

Complete first drafts in minutes by filling in the answers to questions your organization has been asked before with current, approved content. Reallocate your time to tailoring replies, and refine your focus to answering the most challenging and complex questionnaire questions instead.

Expedite Reviews and Approvals with Automatic Workflows

Easily coordinate with reviewers and stakeholders to ensure all new content and completed responses are approved. Qvidian tracks every action and step in the review process  automatically, so organizations are always audit-ready and can view, track, and report progress.

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Know You Have the Latest with a Central Library of Approved Content

Never waste time hunting for the answer to a question across repositories or wondering if a response is current and approved. All content is stored in one place in approved language and branding. Expiration dates note when it is time to review content and workflows simplify the process.

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