Qvidian University: Advanced Architecture

Course Overview

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In Foundations, we covered the basics of architecture functionality, but this course takes it further. Those who complete this course will be able to architect document types from start to finish for their company  – without needing help from Qvidian. The course includes all supported architecture functionality for both Word and PowerPoint document types. For Word document types, the course will cover architecture functionality supported in both the Project and Created Document user interfaces.


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  • Design document types (in both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint) that dynamically produce client-centered content with an intuitive end user experience
  • Properly identify which architecture component to use, and how to configure each component, to allow for the desired output and user experience
  • Know how to maintain document types to account for future branding or content updates


  • Online modules and activities
  • Dedicated Qvidian training expert will monitor progress, provide feedback on practice document types and answer questions.
  • Utilizes a Qvidian training site


  • Users who are a system admin/architect for their company’s Qvidian accounts
  • Learners who prefer to work at their own pace with a flexible schedule


  • Access to a dedicated trainer, online modules and Qvidian training account for four weeks
  • Access to online modules for an additional week (5 weeks total)


  • $595 per participant
  • Course registration is non-refundable.


  • Completed Foundations course, or have basic template, architecture, and content management knowledge


  • September 14th – October 9th , 2020
  • October 19th –  November 13th, 2020
  • December 7th – January 1st, 2021


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