Aligning Sales Resources at the Alexander Group’s Annual CSE Forum

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Team Qvidian

By Lewie Miller, Qvidian Sales Leader

This week, I’ll have the chance to connect with some of our customers at the Alexander Group Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum. The theme for this year’s event is “The Go-to-Customer Mandate: Align Resources. Unlock Revenue.”

It’s all about understanding the value your organization delivers to customers and communicating that value throughout the buyer’s journey. Sales is the front line of expressing this value but can’t do it alone. To succeed, sales organizations must align with various groups in the organization. One component in the sales process where understanding and communicating value is critical is in RFPs and proposals.

Consider how much money is tied up in your company’s proposals. Whether you’re responding to an RFP, submitting a proposal for new business, or trying to persuade a current customer to renew or upgrade, there’s revenue on the line. You want your sales team selling and providing the right information—not spending time writing or creating their own value messages.

At this year’s AGI event, we’ll host a breakfast briefing on Thursday, November 9 at 7 AM, “Don’t You Look Smart: Turn Your Sales Reps into Trusted Advisors.” We will explore some of the ways your team can improve their approach to proposals and arm sales reps with relevant information that engages prospects through messaging that illustrates value and understanding of their needs.

In this discussion, we’ll talk about how to ensure your sales people are speaking the customer’s language and delivering messages that resonate with your buyers. We’ll show examples of what can happen when you set your sales people up with the industry insight, product information, case studies and value propositions they need to effectively coach customers. In addition, Qvidian will provide a complimentary proposal review for anyone who attends the breakfast briefing.

I’m looking forward to connecting with sales executives who understand the imperative of pinpointing the most effective value messages and finding ways to profitably deliver value.

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