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At least two pennies, three nickels, and a shiny quarter are in the pocket of my jeans. I know that they are there, that $0.42 in change, but for the past week I haven’t found a use for them. Even if I buy something that costs less, I predictably dig for the dependable, never fear – always here – dollar bill. But, what if I bought a drink, or a pack of gum, and it cost exactly $0.42? Okay, maybe not in today’s market, but for the sake of argument. Do you think I would dig into my pocket for those seemingly elusive collection of coins? I mean it’s possible, but I resist giving up my change. Why? Because initially, I know it’s going to be a struggle for me to just get it out of my pocket, quickly count it and awkwardly bounce the coins off the counter….even when I know it’s EXACTLY WHAT I NEED.

And so it is with change. It might be exactly what we need, but it isn’t what we want to do because routine is so easy. Likewise, dolling over the dollar is easier than searching for the change all over the bottom of your bag. You fear holding up the line, making the cashier wait, and dread the time it takes to count it back when the transaction takes place.

But, what if a brief change in your routine actually made everything else easier in the end? By spending the time integrating Qvidian fully into your daily routine, with help of course, you might find Qvidian’s full functionality will streamline your processes and improve your efficiency even more than you thought it could.

Leslie Caldwell, RFP Specialist for Spectrum Business knows firsthand how Qvidian Consulting Services helped them move the needle. “Michael [Qvidian] was fantastic!” declared Caldwell. “What I appreciated most was that he really took the time to research our company and industry. He understood our needs. Most of all, he was able to see how we were using the solution and how we were not using it, and that made all the difference,” she commented in a video. “Our Services team offers so much from online courses to our on-site training to open Q&A calls, there are numerous ways we can help our customers. Once we’ve engaged with a customer through our Consulting Services>, their utilization skyrockets. We give our customer knowledge, confidence, and pride of ownership in Qvidian,” remarked Michael Heffelfinger, Director of Education Services, Qvidian.

Qvidian offers the ability to bring speed and efficiency for RFPs, proactive proposals, security questionnaires, Due Diligence Questionnaires, and an unbeatable customizable image and content library. With all of this and Qvidian Consulting services as well, users have been able to grab the $0.42 quickly, and then happen to find the extra $5 they didn’t even know they had.

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