Fly Blind No Longer

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Team Qvidian

Have you ever worked in a situation where your success depended upon the success of the team? I’ll bet you have because that’s generally how great things are accomplished, by teams of people contributing expertise from their particular subject areas. But what if you can’t see the progress of your teammates? What if you are flying blind regarding the progress of the team? How easy is it to direct or navigate the process then?

What if you could easily see the progress of each member of the team? Would that help ease some stress, smooth communications, inspire confidence and bring attention to anyone who may need help? You bet!

It’s no different when responding to RFPs (Requests for Proposals) or creating proactive proposals. To be successful, these documents require contributions from the proposal team, knowledge managers, product managers, sales reps, sales engineers, the legal team and marketing. Like any team in the Olympics, each member knows that the success of the team depends on combining all of their individual efforts.

Jack Henry and Associates is a great example of a company who uses Qvidian’s proposal automation software to create a process that is smooth and balanced. Originally, proposal managers were assigned sales reps. If they had a rep that brought in a large number of RFPs, then their workload was quite extensive while another proposal manager may actually have time on their hands. Once they implemented Qvidian, they were able to use the functionality and features inside the system to divide up the work on each proposal creating a much more balanced workload, and equally as valuable, decrease stress on the team.

As detailed in this case study, the proposal team conducted a process improvement initiative. They carved two days out of their very busy schedules and actually documented each and every step of their RFP process. They started with the moment they first received the RFP, timing every step they had to go through to answer the RFP and get it out the door. Then they evaluated those steps and figured out how much time Qvidian could save them. In many instances, through Qvidian, they were able to either eliminate steps altogether or streamline them so that the process was much more efficient and took less time as a result. “As we outlined all the steps that our RFP process took, we started saying, ‘Oh, we can do that through Qvidian. We can do this through Qvidian,’” remarked Elizabeth Grissom, RFP Proposal Analyst for Jack Henry.

Recently, Qvidian has added even more features including the RFP Workflow. This feature enables a proposal manager to assign various parts of the RFP to the subject matter experts (SMEs), legal team, marketing group, etc. and monitor their progress. With simple visibility settings, the proposal manager knows in an instant if they are all on track to meet their deadline or if someone needs support to complete their portion of the project.

Where many proposal managers had to act on blind faith in the past or worry about nudging their colleagues a few too many times, those concerns are now gone. Once again, Qvidian’s drive to continually innovate has added even more ease and simplicity to the RFP and proposal process. Innovation – it’s something you can count on from Qvidian.

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