Improving User Experience: Why We Overhauled Our Proposal Software

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Team Qvidian

A look at how we’ve reshaped RFP and proposal automation

Every business must innovate to stay competitive and relevant in ever-changing markets. This means continually evaluating your offerings and anticipating the future needs of your customers. Qvidian, having mastered the mechanics of the RFP and proposal process, turned our focus to the way RFP and proposal professionals used our tools to grow their business. This new focus presented an opportunity to grow closer to our customers’ operations and to set a new standard for how proposal solutions are evaluated. We spent a lot of effort enhancing our UX and ensuring that it felt natural to users, enabling them to realize productivity gains and intelligently speed the response process.

Real innovation requires input, so we partnered with multiple clients within different industries to uncover the important factors and inflection points within their proposal response process. Involving a diverse group unearthed different perspectives on what was really important and showed us that different teams sometimes managed processes in different ways. These customer insights validated some of our assumptions but also showed us that flexibility was key to support the varied approaches our research uncovered.

Qvidian now offers an intuitive workspace that allows users in many roles to work and collaborate more efficiently. We’ve reduced any reliance on add-ins in order to simplify the collaboration between proposal teams and subject matter experts. Our RFP packages now allow teams to create complete RFP responses, from cover pages and executive summaries to questionnaires and appendices, simply and efficiently:

Multi-step Assignment Workflows

Clients within industries with strict compliance and risk management requirements often have complex review processes and a need for clear audit trails. Despite the regulatory hurdles, these proposals still need to get out the door quickly. We focused on streamlining the review and approval process: content managers can assign reviews and approvals to multiple people, automatically advancing to the next approval step as it is marked complete.

Qvidian allows project managers to assign multiple people to a review step, and create multiple review steps to designate assignments for legal and compliance approvals.

Intuitive Dashboard Analytics

RFP and proposal managers need data to do their jobs, so we made it easy to access information, without having to learn complex reporting tools or export data into third party programs. Project managers have visibility into the status of all library content and each RFP, enabling them to identify bottlenecks and quickly attend to critical content.

Analytics and dashboards let RFP managers quickly find the insight they need to work more effectively.

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