Relax, Gosh Darn It! The Ultimate Challenge for the Proposal Team

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Team Qvidian

“Everything would be fine if you would just relax.” Ever have someone tell you something like that? You respond with, “What – do I seem stressed? I’m just trying to get this proposal out the door on time. How can I relax when I’ve got 3 proposals and 700 questions to answer by Friday? Maybe if I had some help, then I could relax.”

Ah, “help” you say. No need to wait a second longer. Help is here. Don’t take it from me. Take it from over 180,000 users who process proposals and sales documents that amount to over $55 billion in business. Yes, help is here and it’s called Qvidian. Katie Catanzarite, Sr. Proposal Development Specialist for Press Ganey is just one of the 180,000 who have experienced the ease that Qvidian provides and she talks about it in this customer video.

Press Ganey is on an important mission to reduce patient and caregiver suffering through surveys, benchmarking and advisory services. When working with so many customers on such important matters, it was essential for them to have a process that was as Katie put it, “smooth and fluid.” In addition to enabling their small team to answer “billions of questions” in 147 formal RFPs last year, Qvidian turned them into the “go-to team.” Because Qvidian organizes content so well and so efficiently, the proposal team at Press Ganey is now seen as the team with all the answers. People go to them from all over the company for help in developing robust responses and valuable documents. They don’t stress over it. They are able to easily help their colleagues because through Qvidian, they have a process that is truly smooth and fluid.

Qvidian gives them the organization, management capabilities, and supported collaboration tools to stay on top of updating content, reaching out to Subject Matter Experts, coordinating their efforts, and responding to requests. Qvidian has features built in to make all this easy. For example, content can be marked with expiration dates. As those dates approach, the content needing to be reviewed shows up in a nice, neat queue on Katie’s desktop. She can email Subject Matter Experts directly from Qvidian for their updates and then easily pop those updates back into the knowledge base. Everyone is on track using content they know and trust is current and accurate. This is just one small example of what Qvidian offers. As the market leader, Qvidian is known for its ability to provide a robust solution with depth and an ability to scale that is unmatched by any of its competitors.

Because Qvidian makes things so much more efficient and streamlined, everyone can relax and breathe. The proposal team can collaborate with others without overwhelming them with requests. They can also turn their focus to the quality of their responses, not just getting a response out the door.

With this time to focus on quality, they are better able to communicate Press Ganey’s value and further their mission to end patient and caregiver suffering. Take it from Katie, when you are involved in something that is deep and complex, you need processes that are smooth and fluid. Qvidian gives you that.

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