Case Study

Rosetta Stone super-charged their RFP response process with Qvidian

Rosetta Stone used Qvidian to dramatically reduce the time they spend creating proposals. Now they create high-quality, tailored proposals in about 20 minutes.

Proposal writers at Rosetta Stone were spending way too much time on RFP responses. They regularly relied on subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide content, and the SMEs often had to search their local folders and SharePoint to find it. One of the biggest problems? The subject matter experts ended up answering the same questions over and over again — which was not a good use of anyone’s time. Rosetta Stone needed dedicated software to work more efficiently.

The ability to quickly build proposals and effectively provide solutions to our clients is critical to our success. Qvidian has helped increase our productivity, improve our processes, and enabled us to reach our goals.

– Julia Taylor, Proposal Manager Rosetta Stone


Qvidian gave Rosetta Stone the tools to outpace proposal demands.

Faced with a rising volume of longer, more complex RFPs, the team turned to Qvidian to automate repeated processes and eliminate redundant work. This not only saved time and let the SMEs get back to their primary roles, it dramatically improved the quality of the proposals. It allowed proposal writers to take a more customer-centric approach and focus on tailoring their responses instead of hunting down basic information.

Qvidian makes RFP responses faster and more efficient.

What changed? Employees now have instant access to approved content in Qvidian’s central library. That makes creating proposals easier because questions already have answers — answers that are vetted, current, and complete. With the help of powerful metadata, answers are surfaced quickly and easily. Proposal writers can write proposals more independently, and SMEs can focus their time and effort on the subjects that matter. But it’s not just instant access to information that wins the day.

By linking Qvidian with Salesforce and analytics, Rosetta Stone can now monitor trends and gain insight into what’s working so they can identify the most effective approach. These analytics help identify potential information gaps so they can proactively create new content to fill them. Qvidian even allows Rosetta Stone to create proposals in six different languages — a particularly useful feature for a foreign language program. Answers are available in American and British English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Chinese, and the company can easily add more when the need arises.

Less time responding, more time winning.

With the help of Qvidian, Rosetta Stone has transformed the way proposals get done. Members of the sales team can create first drafts quickly, then focus their time on thinking like the customer and tailoring their proposals to what matters most to that prospect. They can create proposals in about 20 minutes instead of several hours. But best of all? Their content is solid, leading to increased success. These are no modest gains. As Proposal Manager Julia Taylor said, having seen firsthand the power of having Qvidian in their corner, “I can’t imagine going back to life before Qvidian.”

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