Kindertons Group Case Study

Great CX doesn’t happen by accident

The Kindertons Group wanted to protect its brand reputation. Although it had a solution in place, it just wasn’t able to understand how its customers were really feeling about the organization, but with a number of business partners to report to on performance metrics, they needed reliable and representative data to work with.

By using the Rant & Rave Platform to capture feedback in a way that’s convenient for the end consumer, at multiple touchpoints throughout their journey, The Kindertons Group is now able to listen to its customers, understand their emotion, and take action on their comments, allowing the organization to continually learn and assess what matters most about the customer experience. The Kindertons Group has also been able to implement a recovery loop, so it can work cohesively with its business partners to take action and save customers, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.

The proof’s in the pudding

Attained a Customer Satisfaction Score of 8.56

Drove response rates from 16% to an average of 30-35% with 70% of responses supported by verbatim comments

Seen a sentiment score averaging 3.98

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