NCS Case Study

NCS says YES to real-time customer engagement

Before partnering with Rant & Rave, National Citizen Service (NCS) did not have a formal feedback system in place to ascertain feedback from the young people that participate in their program.

The NCS program is delivered across the UK by a network of regional and local partners. To understand more about the impact of the program across the country, inform improvements, and drive innovation, NCS collaborated with Rant & Rave to gain insights from participants.

Using Rant & Rave for Salesforce, NCS now captures feedback in real time — not just from young people, but their parents too! As the mechanism is integrated with their CRM, NCS can see the feedback alongside information that they already have stored, providing a holistic view of the customer.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

By capturing feedback through Rant & Rave, NCS has changed how they define a “customer.” NCS had previously considered their customer to be the young person attending one of their programs, but during a Rant & Rave program review, they found that they were also capturing a wealth of invaluable feedback from parents.

As a result of this, NCS took a huge step forward by mapping the parent journey and launching a feedback program just for them. Their success has been incredible, with a response rate of 46% and an NPS score of +75.

The proof's in the pudding


    Response rate of 46% from parent feedback requests

  • Created tailored CRM to different customer groups based on the NPS result they have given


    NPS score of +75


    Engaged teams from across the business by having a different employee each week review a selection of customer feedback

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