Addressing the Silent Shopper

Unpredictable moments

It’s not only the customers that call your contact center, make a purchase, or receive a service who experience your brand. Think about going into a store as a customer and not being able to find your size or receiving exceptional service in a restaurant. You walk out, and the brand is none the wiser. Consumers are constantly connected — talking to the world and sharing their experiences, anytime and anywhere.

However, when it comes to communicating with brands, the traditional feedback survey adopts a “speak when spoken to” approach that stifles engagement.

Be all ears

With always-on Listening Posts, you can hand over the reins and really empower the voice of your customers.

Customer-driven feedback

Go beyond transactional feedback and capture the moments you can’t predict.

Address the silent shopper

Understand the experiences of all, uncovering insights to turn silent shoppers into Raving customers.

Messaging as the channel of choice

Listening Posts put feedback into the consumers every day, by allowing them to talk to you the way they do the rest of the world.

Feedback in their world

Allow customers to share feedback in their own words, at a time that suits them.

Emojis as expressions

Let your customers express themselves simply, through emojis.

A picture tells a thousand words

We’ll automatically analyze objects and emotions within customers’ images, turning them into actionable insights.

Don’t just listen, converse

Consumers expect a personalized and interactive experience. It’s time to open up a dialogue — providing the right responses, to the right people, on the right channel, and in real time.

Real-Time Recovery

Close the loop at scale by replying to your customers that have left feedback to let them know the changes you’ve made.

Feedback Through Organization

Because the Rant & Rave Platform allows you to respond in real time, you can gather more insight and deep dive into each experience.

Take a look at how the Rant & Rave Platform can rock your world