Candidate Experience

Every candidate, every touchpoint, every contract

By collecting feedback at key touchpoints along their journey, candidates can paint an authentic picture of how the experience was for them, which you can react to, and learn from, in the moment.

The right tool for the job

Candidates are consumers too, and their recruitment experience can directly impact the way they then interact with your brand. So, why wouldn’t you want to capture their real-time feedback too? Traditional surveys tend to focus solely on those offered a job, however, by improving the experience in general, a job offer doesn’t have to be the make-or-break factor for someone to leave relevant feedback.

Our Candidate Experience solution enables you to find out how you’re doing at every stage of the recruitment process, allowing you to take action, improve your hiring program, and retain top talent.

A hire purpose

Feedback doesn’t have to be war and peace. Our technology enables you to ask your candidates “How was it for you?” at different touchpoints along their journey, so you can map their sentiment across the hiring process and drill down on any specific issues or positives.

By turning the candidate journey into an interactive one, you can collaborate with your current “could-be Ravers” in order to make the process smoother for them, rectify issues in real time, and understand the general roadblocks in your processes, helping you to save both time and money before your next wave of hires.

I get so emotional, baby

Looking for a job is arguably one of the most emotional processes we go through, which is why people can have strong and impactful reactions to it. We believe that emotion is always a positive — if people care, then (more often than not) they’re willing to share. The Rant & Rave Sentiment Engine tracks emotion over time and translates this into actionable change.

By hearing candidates out and demonstrating that you’re acting on their feedback by closing the loop, you not only improve the candidate experience, but you demonstrate to them as a customer that you are a brand worth sticking with, regardless of whether they get the job.

The new frontier

By asking candidates how they feel throughout the recruitment journey, you can not only better understand your prospective employees, but you can use their insight to make quick-win changes and enhance your talent acquisition process.

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How you can move away from retrospective, lagging measures of candidate satisfaction and truly capture the voice of your candidates, alerting you to issues that you can act on before they drop out of the recruitment process.

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