Rant & Rave for Salesforce

Feedback in your world!

By capturing real-time feedback and viewing it in Salesforce, alongside all the powerful information that already sits there, you can understand what really matters to customers and take action.


One screen to rule them all

Rant & Rave for Salesforce allows you to deliver a customized service. Only one screen is required to handle a customer’s call and view his/her history, so your agents will “know” who they’re talking to, without them having to say a word.

All customer voices are tracked against individual records in Salesforce, so you can route calls to the best agent for the job based on their skill set or whether they’ve spoken to the customer before.

Track sentiment over time

While Salesforce provides a full history of how your customers have interacted with you, Rant & Rave captures their feedback in their own words, adds it to their individual customer record, and maps how their satisfaction levels differ over time. Whether you choose NPS, C-Sat, or a different metric entirely, you can capture their score and the reason for it.

So, if you’ve introduced a new process, or made a significant change, you can trace the impact through the voice of your customers, in your world.

The “why” behind the KPI

Your average call handling time might look great, but your customers may need a little more from you. By seeing real time customer feedback within your Salesforce application, you can gain valuable emotional context for your traditional key performance indicators (KPI), and prove the business case for change.

Customer feedback gamified

Each employee has their own profile, using a Salesforce Chatter image for a personal touch. They can then see all the feedback that has been shared about them — letting them know where they excel and where they need improvement.

You can even add a competitive edge, using live league tables that share colleague performance data, encouraging employees to become CX heroes.

Head in the clouds

Rant & Rave for Salesforce combines the benefits of all three Salesforce Clouds: Sales, Service, and Marketing, allowing you to take care of all the details, close the loop, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Seamlessly request feedback

    Use the API to automatically request feedback from customers based on specific business rules, e.g., after a purchase or specific number of interactions, so you can capture their thoughts without touching a button.

  • Deliver customized service

    Because only one screen is required to handle a customer’s call and see his/her feedback history, your agents will “know” who they’re talking to and how they feel about your business, without them having to say a word.

  • Sell more

    You can’t understand a customer through a sales process, but you can influence the sales process based on the sentiment of your customers. By tracking customer sentiment throughout the sales process, you can not only better understand your customer expectations, but you can use their insight to make quick-win changes and improve your sales conversion rate.

  • Take action based on sentiment

    There’s no point in gathering feedback unless you’re going to do something with it. Set up rules within Salesforce to route feedback (and future calls) to the best agent or department for the job, so they can take appropriate action.

  • Evidence-based coaching

    There’s nothing more powerful than the actual words of your customers to influence employee behavior. Don’t just rely on intuition to drive changes — prove their importance and make them happen.

  • Understand operational drivers

    Using Rant & Rave across all clouds lets you see how engaging a customer in one cloud influences another cloud (e.g., a rude agent will reduce upsell opportunities) and what impact that has on the brand awareness.

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