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The Big Book Of Ravers

Success stories to help you supercharge your CX…

Delivering exceptional experiences has never been more of a challenge. In today’s instant gratification economy, customers don’t just know the experience they want, they demand it. With this shortfall in CX success, brands are not only feeling the pinch, they’re struggling to demonstrate the value of VoC.

But, there’s some out there who’ve cracked the code…

In The Big Book Of Ravers we’ve collated 16 CX stories from brands that are doing more than just delivering great CX. They’re showcasing how VoC impacts the bottom line and even have the stats to show it (oo-er 😲).

Not convinced? Read their stories to find out:

  • How you can wave goodbye to surveys and capture emotion
  • Why brilliant engagement is critical to great CX
  • How you can address your ‘could-be’ customers
  • The benefits of being proactive about communication and feedback


“From the frontline to the boardroom, we’ve seen brilliant engagement with the Rant & Rave Platform. The feedback we capture is invaluable in helping us to ensure we put the customer at the heart of everything we do.”

Greg Reed | Chief Executive Officer, HomeServe Membership | HomeServe

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