Panviva Knowledge Huddle: For Finance Pros by Finance Pros

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Industry professionals discuss the keys to contact center success for financial services.

Upland Panviva’s Knowledge Huddles have become a great success and our latest event focuses on the Financial Services Industry. Knowledge Huddles are formatted to engage panelists and participants into a casual, open discussion on today’s contact center problems and solutions within their area of expertise.

Our industry professionals will begin with an open discussion about some of the pain points and issues they have been experiencing within their organizations. From there, each will provide insights and their solutions on handling customer inquiries, remote work and employee time to competency – all while remaining compliant in an industry of constant change.

There will be a Q&A segment so participants can ask our panelists questions.

Topics for discussion on Nov 16, 2021:

Today’s hiring and development challenges

  • Training & time to competency
  • Continuous change requiring relearning
  • Remote challenges; instant communication
  • How knowledge management is integrated into L&D process

How a successful knowledge management can help tenured employees as well

  • Involvement in feedback
  • Continuous improvement
  • Employee engagement
  • Retention


  • Navigating audits quickly & smoothly
  • Quality and accuracy impact on performance
  • Impact on customer experience

Huddle with the pros: Janette from Bank of the West, Steve from Salem Five Bank and John from Ascensus

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