Success Story

Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company improves access to information with enterprise search

For this customer, easy access to information is key to their ability to execute on their mission.

BA Insight’s pharmaceutical enterprise search software is the key to maximizing efficiency for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes. This global top pharmaceutical company used Upland BA Insight to create a comprehensive single-search experience for their employees that encompassed siloed data inherited from various acquisitions and made it easily accessible. Now employees can quickly find and access critical data from one place, improving productivity and ultimately allowing more time to focus on the data at hand to improve patient outcomes.

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The challenge

For this customer, easy access to information is key to their ability to execute on their mission. This critical information exists in many disparate systems, and they decided that a key success factor of their strategy requires them to provide the ability for all employees to access all information necessary to do their jobs. This is a requirement regardless of where the information resides, where the employees are, which devices they use to access the information, or which format(s) the information is stored in.

A recent acquisition brought massive amounts of historical data into the fold, all of which had also been generated by billions of investments. For them to excel in their strategic objectives and goals, unlocking this data from disparate silos for collaborative modeling, analysis, interpretation, review, and any other number of potential use cases needed to be done. Their vision was a single search box, just like users have on the internet, that provides a connected experience to all employees.

How they did it

BA Insight worked with this company to execute upon their vision of a single search box, which enables users to search and find information from a variety of on-premises and cloud business systems. This includes O365/SharePoint Online, IT service systems, social systems, cloud storage, database content, and website content, combining query time and index time merge to provide a web-like search experience to the user. The project occurred in multiple phases, allowing them to reflect on each phase and adjust follow-on phases accordingly based on previous learnings and the idea that success breeds success.

The initial phase of the rollout focused on the overall search experience and the combination of three search indices: SharePoint Online, Amazon OpenSearch, and a third-party closed system index. The second phase added database content, website content, Veeva Vault content, and query time merge indices for subscription cloud systems. The third phase introduced Amazon Kendra, IT Service Content, File Share Content, and additional data from connectors in phase one and three, indexed into both OpenSearch and Kendra. Here’s an overview of the solution:

The results

The company now finds themselves with a well-oiled search machine, with employees able to more easily find and access critical information from all areas of their business, as well as detailed analysis and learning. They no longer have to be concerned with where content exists and waste time hopping around from system to system. This increase in productivity has enabled them to make advancements towards their mission of changing patients’ lives by integrating the latest technological advances, all with a focus on deep informational insights, correlations, and intelligence.

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