The Business Case for Internal Search

Internal search is foundational to business success by improving employee satisfaction, return on investment, and return on value.

Effective internal search is crucial for today’s knowledge workers and successful organizations. It empowers employees, boosts ROI and ROV, improves productivity, and boosts both return on investment (ROI) and return on value (ROV).

Businesses rely on the ability to instantly find information and gain insights in large amounts of data from a variety of sources. Having a robust internal search is foundational to accomplishing these goals and makes organizations more productive and effective.

Search engines like Google have shown us how powerful search can be, but also give employees high expectations for intranet search capabilities.

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Robust enterprise search makes organizations more successful. Multiple trends are increasing the demand to implement or improve internal search, such as:

  • User demand for information
  • Complexity in enterprise IT
  • Increasing supply of unstructured content
  • Employee-facing digital transformation

The ROI measurement is based on the time saved finding the information required to do one’s job. Measuring ROI for internal search can be challenging for organizations.

ROV is often a better alternative because it captures the return on search investments. ROV also focuses on returns gained from having more engaged employees.

No digital transformation initiative succeeds if it doesn’t include internal search, which is a fraction of the total cost, but potentially the cornerstone of its success. Consider the dollar value of improved morale, satisfied customers, or a more systematic transfer of employee knowledge. Ultimately, a company loses out on valuable ROI and ROV when it lacks a search environment that empowers its employees.

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