Enterprise Integration: BA Insight’s ConnectivityHub

Here's a technical overview of BA Insight’s ConnectivityHub and Connectors

Connectivity is the cornerstone to any internal search or enterprise search implementation.

BA Insight’s ConnectivityHub is our highly scalable, purpose-built platform upon which we build Connectors for business and enterprise systems to search indices. It is also used by our customers to develop their own Connectors.

ConnectivityHub connects the search dots by securely indexing both full text and metadata from source systems into a single index, thus enabling a single, searchable result set across content from all sources. Read the full eBook to learn more about ConnectivityHub’s architecture, what BA Insight’s 90+ Connectors are, an overview of challenges behind Connectors, and for which search indices ConnectivityHub can be used.

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ConnectivityHub use cases:

  • Connectors without security: Index content from public websites or documentation portals where everyone in the organization requires access to the content.
  • Connectors with security: Index content from systems that only provide access to certain users or groups. Examples include, only enabling HR to search for personnel records and finance to see salary information; or replicating complex multi-level security models in systems where security is applied at the folder and item level.
  • Datasets: Enhance the metadata associated with your content by adding additional supplementary metadata for the content from another source or application.
  • No-search target: Search engines are not the only destination that ConnectivityHub can push content to. A “Nosearch” Target enables you to push content to FTP sites (or other destinations), meaning users can share files between files and content.
  • Cloud-based search solutions: ConnectivityHub not only provides the ability to securely add content to stand alone on premises search engines, but it also enables you to add content to cloud-based search solutions such as Elastic Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search.
  • In-app search: As part of our cloud search strategy, we have incorporated access points into multiple cloud based applications such as Salesforce, Dynamics, Outlook, Microsoft Teams and even ServiceNow. Content is added to a search index using the BA Insight ConnectivityHub and Connectors. This content can then be accessed via the access points from directly within the application that users are working thus creating a single point of entry for organizational content. Learn more 

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