Searching for the Google Experience

A satisfying enterprise search experience increases productivity, reduces duplication of efforts, and improves engagement.

Who would have ever imagined the impact of Google on our lives?

Imagine trying to find information online without Google’s help. Its capabilities have become so attuned to our needs that its predictions are often scarily accurate. The search experience is continuously improved to help anybody, anytime, on any device, find information anywhere in the world. It’s become an invaluable resource we can’t live without.

Sadly, enterprise-driven search, whether for employees, clients, or website visitors, does not deliver a comparable experience. Finding information can be disconnected and unnecessarily complex, leading to decreased productivity, frustration, and poor brand perceptions. If a business wants to remain competitive in an ever-evolving digital world, its search experience must behave more like Google. A satisfying search experience increases productivity, reduces duplication of efforts, and improves engagement.

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Using a search bar that delivers the correct information is much easier and more efficient than searching multiple systems. Providing a Google-like search experience within an enterprise has been challenging until recently, but with technological innovations, it is now easier than ever to replicate and scale enterprise search. To make it happen, you must provide the following:

  • Infrastructure connectivity, information connectivity, and powerful search
  • AI-driven search that provides personalized search results
  • Relevancy by harnessing automated meta-tagging
  • Actionable search, where users can locate information from the applications they work in
  • Single versus multiple indices to reduce IT spend

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