RightAnswers for Customer Service

Elevate Customer Service Through Every Channel

Most customer service organizations are large and complex, due to acquisitions, support for several languages and multiple locations. Your customers don’t care about your challenges—they expect to be able to resolve their own problems through self-service on their channel of choice.

RightAnswers supports customer service clients with tens of thousands of agents, millions of customers, and hundreds of millions of searches. Through knowledge management, we empower you to provide customer service experiences your customers will rave about. Your customers are not one-size-fits-all, so you should give them more than one way of interacting with your support knowledge.

Deliver the experience the customer wants:

  • Web self-service
  • Mobile self-service
  • Online help inside your application or website
  • Social communities and forums

RightAnswers self-service platform lets you:

  • Give every channel value by ensuring your customers get fast, consistent answers
  • Deliver great customer service through a great knowledge experience
  • Make your agents smarter by arming them with good knowledge
  • Develop a knowledge strategy that addresses your customer service challenges
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Make Every Agent a Subject Matter Expert

With RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge software, knowledge for all of your products and services is available at every agent’s fingertips. The result is reduced agent training time, and increased customer satisfaction scores while reducing support costs.

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Support and Encourage a Culture of Knowledge-Sharing

One of the biggest challenges we see in customer service organizations is the lack of a knowledge-sharing culture. Many don’t even recognize this as a challenge. We know it’s hard to convince your best agents that it’s in their best interest to share their knowledge with the rest of the organization, and that sharing what they know makes them even more valuable. That it gives them time to do what they do best: create knowledge and solve more customer problems.

RightAnswers technology supports and encourages this knowledge-sharing culture. Combined with adoption of a tactical, goals-based methodology—Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®)—designed to foster a knowledge-sharing culture, RightAnswers can have a massive, transformational impact on your customer service business. Out of the box features such as gamification and automated article quality drive adoption of your knowledge initiatives, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, higher agent satisfaction and lower support costs.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

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When a company offers a great overall experience, customers are:

  • Less likely to switch brands
  • More likely to buy more products from the company
  • More likely to recommend the company


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