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Create and Deliver Knowledge Across Your Organization

As much as 23% of your employees’ time is spent searching for answers.

Your customers, support agents, and employees are constantly trying to find answers about your products or services. Yet the process is time-consuming, and too often frustrating, which can diminish the customers’ experience of your company. According to Forrester Research, of the total time that it takes a support agent to resolve an issue (“mean time to resolve”), more than two-thirds of it is spent looking for the knowledge…only 20 percent is spent actually resolving the problem.

This complexity – knowledge everywhere, residing in multiple systems – exacerbates the issue and results in even longer resolution times.

RightAnswers’ always-current enterprise knowledge software

With RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Management, you can cut that time and improve productivity by giving all departments the ability to contribute to the centralized knowledge base and retrieve knowledge when they need it.

RightAnswers’ advanced customer service knowledge base software automatically updates the Knowledge for your support personnel with the latest answers, and with built-in gamification and less frustration, is the solution preferred by support agents.

Seamless Out-of-the-Box Integration

Our Integration Framework does more than just link to support agents’ systems. It’s a pre-packaged connector, making it easy to build connections to other systems.

You want to enable customers – We seamlessly integrate with channels of support like IVR, chat such as LivePerson, and Password Reset.
You want to easily access knowledge wherever it resides in your system. Our enterprise knowledge management software coordinates all of your knowledge platforms and offers sophisticated search to get the right answer fast.
We crawl your networks, drives, and websites and integrate with other applications such as SharePoint.

Our Integration Framework creates an uninterrupted flow of knowledge throughout your enterprise, for all audiences. You’ll find answers faster and reduce the amount of time people spend searching.

Our out-of-the-box inline integration with virtually any case management or ticketing system is the core of our enterprise knowledge management system. It lets support agents search for knowledge and attach knowledge to cases or tickets on the same screen, no matter which knowledge platform the information comes from.

Flexible Deployment

  • As a stand-alone application
  • Our enterprise knowledge management tools are easily integrated into your CRM/ITSM interface
  • Integrated with your own front-end such as your self-service portal
  • Integrated with RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution, to benefit from advanced knowledge creation tools

Happier Agents

  • Fewer clicks
  • Less typing
  • Expedited post-call activities
  • Lower average speed to answer

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