Introducing Our Next KCS Blog Series

Michelle Stumpf, KCS (KM) Practice Director

The most recent stop on the KCS World Tour was in Silicon Valley, California where KCS Practitioners, new and experienced came together for the day to talk about best practices, experiences, and future planning. Now that I’ve returned from speaking at this event, I’ve been able to sit down and think about the conversations I had there and there was definitely a lot of energy around all of the experiences organizations have when implementing KCS… both the good and the bad.

Implementation Best Practices & Lessons from Successful KCS Organizations

As a KCS Practitioner who helps our customers be successful with their KCS Knowledge Management initiatives, I believe in sharing what our customers have experienced firsthand to help others avoid common pitfalls and get the most out of their efforts. I’d like to take the opportunity to share some of these with all of you, so our upcoming blog series will review several implementation best practices & lessons from successful KCS organizations:

  • Introducing KCS to your Agents the right way
  • Creating Value in KCS licensing model
  • Showing Value, Communication & Celebration
  • Remembering the four Core principles of KCS – Trust, Demand Driven, Create Value, Abundance
  • Agent workflow should be smooth, not clunky
  • You’re not alone in implementing KCS; building YOUR KCS Community

As you can see, our first blog that kicks off this series reviews how to introduce KCS to your agents the right way. One of the points I stress the most when it comes to doing this effectively revolves around the KCS training you deliver to your agents.

“An important part of the KCS journey for your agents is having your team participate in training that explains what KCS is and what it means for those who are going to participating in the Solve Loop,” said Arfinn Austefjord, Global Head of Training and Certification at the KCS Academy. “The KCS Academy is proud to have Upland RightAnswers distinguish themselves not only as a KCS v6 Verified vendor, but also certified to provide the valuable KCS training and certifications that help introduce the methodology to your agents for creating and maintaining knowledge for customer service and support.”
More to come next week on how to introduce KCS to your agents the right way.

But for now…

Let’s Continue the Conversation!

In addition to our upcoming blog series highlighting some of our best practices and lessons, we’d like to extend the invitation to join our KCS Community:

  1. Join our upcoming KCS Roundtable where we’ll be discussing these topics and more in a casual environment wherein true KCS fashion… everyone participates!
  2. Watch our On-Demand Webinar: I’m KCS Certified – Now What? 5 Tips to Prepare you for Knowledge Management Success
  3. Enhance your KCS knowledge by attending one of our upcoming KCS training sessions.
  4. Talk to me! If you’re unsure if KM or KCS is right for your organization or if you need some help with your plans to implement KCS, let’s have a talk about it. Contact me directly

About the Author
Michelle Stumpf is the KCS Practice Director for Upland RightAnswers where she shares her expertise and experience in Knowledge Management and KCS. She is a certified KCS v6 Trainer who has certified hundreds of KCS Practitioners and other KCS trainers. She has experience in establishing knowledge processes across contact/support centers and across the enterprise and coaches many organizations in Knowledge Management and KCS practices.

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