Knowledge Quality – What’s the Big Idea?

We recently had one of our most highly attended webinars, Creating a High-Quality Knowledge base: Lessons from the MasterChef Kitchen, and we want to mention a few reasons why we think this was so:

Knowledge Quality is always the elephant in the room and people don’t know what to do with it

The high attendance of this webinar indicates that people are concerned about knowledge quality and understand the correlation between knowledge quality and the customer experience. The elephant in the room never goes away by itself. It’s important to name it and discuss how to handle it. This webinar gave knowledge managers an opportunity to tackle the knowledge-quality elephant.

People think it takes a lot of work to maintain high-quality knowledge

There’s the elephant again. People don’t want to bring up the issue of knowledge quality because they think it’s a colossal effort and a time-suck. They’re looking for ways to deal effectively with knowledge quality and were hoping to get some tips from this webinar.

What is Knowledge Quality – not everyone agrees on this and there are some basic rules that need to be considered

People know they need high-quality knowledge to serve their customers, but aren’t sure exactly what determines whether or not the knowledge is high quality. We discussed the elements for creating high-quality knowledge – such as templates and formats, article length, visibility and spell-checking.

People struggle with getting their agents and knowledge contributors to participate

Another concern is that checking for quality will slow down your knowledge creation process, or even worse, discourage people from creating new knowledge. It is imperative to inform your knowledge authors of your quality guidelines. That way they’ll know what is expected of them and will be able to conform to the quality standards. For example, they’ll be sure to write a meaningful title, won’t be too wordy, and will double-check that all hyperlinks work. Beyond that, our automated Knowledge Quality tool checks for quality as the knowledge article is being created.

To learn more about factors that determine knowledge article quality, read our blog post, Lessons about Knowledge Quality from the MasterChef Kitchen and watch the recorded webinar.

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