RightAnswers 2020: Automation Through AI

Keith Berg, General Manager Upland Contact Center Productivity Solution

At Upland, we’re always looking for ways to leverage our knowledge of the data we have, and how it can be used intelligently to better service our customers’ needs. We’re happy to announce that our latest releases of RightAnswers are focused on how we can leverage machine learning and the data we have on our customers knowledge and their author’s behaviors, to provide automation through Artificial Intelligence. 

What does this mean for knowledge authors? 

Knowledge authors will see a more streamlined authoring experience in RightAnswers, with information at their fingertips that will help guide their authoring experience. RightAnswers makes suggestions based on metadata, leveraging past failures and successes from within the knowledgebase.  

In this latest release, we’ve achieved a smoother, quicker, experience with changes rooted in machine learning techniques that ensures authors can create more knowledge, and better knowledge, which is more easily found by agents and customers alike.  

New features 

While there have been a number of such enhancements to creating articles in the knowledgebase, below are a few new features in this release of RightAnswers that we wanted to call out.  

Taxonomy Suggestions 

When selecting a taxonomy, users will now see both recently used and Smart Suggestions at the top of the taxonomy display. Smart Suggestions will recommend a taxonomy based on the title of the solution, while recently used will benefit authors who are creating multiple articles on one topic at once. Bringing both of these categories to the top of the list streamlines the taxonomy selection process and reduces the amount of searching or scrolling users will need to do. 

Keyword Color Coding 

Keywords will now be colorcoded to show the uniqueness and quality of the keyword in the knowledgebase.  Keywords will show as one of four colors: 

  • Green: Keyword is very unique 
  • Yellow: Keyword has a low usage volume 
  • Orange: Keyword is overused
  • Red: Keyword is a stop word (and, if, or, etc.) 

The introduction of this colorcoding system will help knowledge authors choose the right keyword to get each article in front of the right audience. 

Though these features are just a small part of the Knowledge Management process, it’s features improvements like these that allow us to improve the experience of building an easy-to-use knowledgebase. 

We are committed this year to continue to build off this momentum to provide smarter ways to create and maintain knowledgebases and provide endusers the right answers every time, by harnessing the data we have in our platform and turning that data into actionable intelligence. 

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