Case Study

Corptax Elevates the Customer Experience with RightAnswers Web Self-Service

Find out how Cortex elevates their customer experience using Upland RightAnswers.

Customer satisfaction is Corptax’s #1 priority

Needed more targeted results in a unified desktop experience

Corptax was using the NetSuite CRM, but its knowledge management capabilities weren’t powerful enough for its customer service center, which was inundated with calls. Agents couldn’t find answers quickly because the system would display thousands of results for each query, with no way to drill down to find the relevant solution.

Corptax looked for a vendor that could:

  • Deliver more refined search results, segregated by audience (persona-based)
  • Provide analytics to determine which solutions were useful and how many issues were solved by the knowledge management platform
  • Integrate seamlessly with the NetSuite CRM, so agents didn’t have to switch between applications
  • Reduced call volume frees agents to handle complex issues

Corptax selected the RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Hub after comparing the systems of several vendors. Its customers embraced RightAnswers Web Self-Service, where they quickly and easily found the answers to their questions.

After a successful launch of RightAnswers to its agents and customers, Corptax saw immediate, impactful results. In the first week of use, Corptax customers fully embraced the self- service portal, with 2,800 visits and 5,000 solution views. Before RightAnswers, only 10% of its customers were accessing the web and 90% were calling the support line. Today, 85% of customers access web self-service as the first point of contact.

Corptax focused on solving quick questions through RightAnswers Web Self-Service. RightAnswers analytics enabled Corptax to identify and drive people to the 5,000 most-used knowledge articles out of their database of 20,000 articles. “We don’t want our agents to feel they have to rush off the phone. We want them to give the best service possible. With our reduced call volume, agents have time to give customers a little training and eliminate any related issues, further reducing support calls,” explained Lloyd Howlett, VP Support and Customer Operations, Corptax.

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