RightAnswers and ServiceNow

Do you need a better way of finding answers?

Are you looking to put better processes in place for your knowledge, to improve knowledge quality and consistency? Do your support agents and end-users need a more effective way of searching?

Having the right knowledge and finding it quickly is the basis of a good customer service interaction. RightAnswers’ focus on knowledge – how to find it, create it, manage it, and share it among all stakeholders – improves the customer experience and lowers support costs for organizations using ServiceNow.

RightAnswers has been a Certified ServiceNow Integration since 2007 and we re-certify our alignment with every new version of ServiceNow. It has been validated by ServiceNow for its performance, security and seamless interoperability with ServiceNow, and is available in the ServiceNow Store.

The first Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Verified knowledge management software that is a ServiceNow Certified Integration, RightAnswers has been embraced by the ServiceNow community as a valuable addition to the service ecosystem.

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