Tips & Tricks: Agent Workflow

Watch for tips and tricks on how agents can make the most of your knowledge and how to use it to solve all your customer issues

Choosy Agents Choose Workflows

Enterprise knowledge management is not about what you know, it’s about sharing and learning so that that everyone can capitalize on the collective knowledge of your organization.

It’s one thing to issue an edict on the knowledge management tool your agents have to use. It’s quite another to get agent buy-in on a tool they’ll love. And you won’t succeed at giving great customer service without an engaged workforce. Make knowledge-centered support part of how agents work, not something they have to do.

Watch this video that shares valuable tips and tricks on:

  • how agents can make the most of the knowledge and how to use it to solve all your customer issues
  • keeping your enterprise knowledge base up to date and relevant
  • the importance of adding new knowledge to the knowledge base and ensuring its availability for reuse by others

Why is Agent Adoption Important?

Infographic: Six ways to increase agent adoption of your enterprise knowledge management toolsYour support agents are an important part of your customer service and contribute to the overall customer experience. Their using of your enterprise knowledge is the best way to ensure that your customers are getting consistent answers to any issues they may have.

When speaking with prospective clients, we like to inquire about their current support practices. One of their biggest challenges is that support agents don’t attach knowledge to cases or tickets, and often don’t use the knowledge base at all.

Since agent adoption of the knowledge initiative is such a pervasive problem, we address this in our software and client best practices training.

There are many ways that using the right software and processes can increase knowledge usage. Some examples:

– The ability to link an article to a case or ticket in a single click to streamline the work
– Assuring knowledge article quality, to instill confidence in the knowledge base
– Using gamification to encourage the right behaviors

Download the infographic to learn the 6 ways to increase agent adoption.

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