Marketing Centered Around the Customer Performs Better

Engaging buyers is getting harder. Sending more emails and spinning events may have worked the first 100 times, but not anymore. The modern B2B buying journey has evolved and has created some hard truths for modern marketers. Buyers need input they trust to keep progressing through their buying cycle. That’s why the world’s leading companies are turning to customer marketing strategies and technology from RO Innovation to break through the noise, earn buyer trust, and create loyalty like never before.

  • Track ROI & Customer Marketing Impact

    Obtain data about revenue influenced directly by marketing content and customer marketing activities, as well as hundreds of KPIs marking progress and growth within your customer reference programs.

  • Centralize Content in One Place

    SiriusDecisions reports 70% of the content marketing produces never gets used by Sales. Help them find the content they need when they need it through a centralized, easy to use hub that integrates with the Sales CRM.

  • Increase Visibility Post Sales Handoff

    No more throwing stuff over the fence to Sales and wondering what happens. Receive insights on what happens to leads after Sales handoff. Compare success of sales-driven content campaigns to marketing-driven content campaigns.

  • Make Smarter Spend Decisions

    Data is key to testing and making better decisions. Reporting & analytics let your team know which content is working/not working in the field by tracking usage and engagement, so you can make better use of budgets.

  • Maintain Brand Consistency

    There’s nothing worse than a team member going rogue and tweaking the corporate approved materials. Position all of your products/solutions in a proactive manner that maintains brand and messaging consistency.

  • Manage Content Creation

    Automate manual content creation workflows, increase visibility on project statuses and budget spend – whether you’re creating them in-house or with an outside vendor.

How to Create the Most Loyal Customers

RO Innovation’s purpose-built platform is the hub that aligns marketing, sales, and customer success into one end-to-end powerhouse system. Only RO Innovation integrates sales and marketing workflows, customer intelligence, and relevant content and puts it in the hands of sellers at the right time during the buyer’s cycle. What’s more, we provide you with relevant data and analytics to prove effectiveness and earned revenue related to customer content and advocacy.

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