Close More Deals, Faster

Studies show that peer-to-peer selling and activating the right customers’ voices at every stage of the buyer’s journey increases trust and confidence. Higher levels of trust between companies and prospects help close deals faster and can often lead to larger overall deal sizes. Moreover, satisfied reference customers are generally good candidates for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and are likely to provide unsolicited referrals.

  • References On-Demand

    Stop sending desperate emails seeking references to close deals. With RO Innovation, sales teams can access relevant, approved references without leaving their CRM.

  • Curated Content

    Based on CRM opportunity details and the sales stage, RO Innovation suggests the most relevant marketing content and customer reference to help close the deal.

  • Scale Knowledge

    RO Innovation enables you to tap into tribal knowledge about what works best at various stages of the buyer’s journey as well as for specific industries and products.

  • Accelerate Onboarding

    RO Innovation suggests relevant sales coaching materials directly within CRM records based on the opportunity and sales stage, to get new reps up-to-speed faster.

  • Increase Selling Time

    RO Innovation saves reps time by suggesting the most relevant customer references and content, so they can stop searching and maintain focus on selling.

  • Increase Adoption

    Integrate RO Innovation with the CRM your sales team uses daily. Or, access RO Innovation directly via a streamlined and intuitive standalone interface.

Ready to Give Your Sales Team an Edge with Customer References?