Close More Deals, Faster Than Before

Studies show peer-to-peer selling and activating the right voice of the customer at each stage of the sales cycle increases buyer trust and confidence. This increased trust helps deals close more quickly and can even lead to larger deal sizes. Furthermore, RO Innovation helps provide an understanding of your current customer base, helping you know which customers are happy and successful because they have agreed to be a reference. Reference customers are generally good candidates for upsell and cross sell opportunities, more likely to accept license fee increases, and provide referrals.

  • Access the References You Need

    Say farewell to those ‘Hail Mary’ emails seeking reference customers to close your deals. With RO Innovation, relevant and available customer references are at your fingertips in the Sales CRM.

  • Send the Right Content at Your Fingertips

    RO Innovation pushes the most relevant content based on Sales Opportunity characteristics and stage of the sales cycle. Then enables you to automatically send and track engagement in real-time through Spotlights (microsites).

  • Scale Knowledge of Top Sellers

    Via our features of Spotlights, Ready Assets, and Quick Plays, RO Innovation enables you to pull the tribal knowledge out of the heads of your top sales reps about what works at various stages of the buying cycle, industries, products and more, and efficiently scales it across your team.

  • Onboard New Reps Faster

    RO Innovation connects the right assets, messages, customer references, and sales enablement support to each stage of the lead funnel. Ramp up new sales reps faster and get them closing revenue sooner.

  • Increase Active Selling TIme

    When reps are spending time searching for customer references or the right assets to send, they aren’t selling. RO Innovation saves reps time by “pushing” the most relevant customer references and content assets to the rep based on Opportunity attributes.

  • Increase Adoption & Ease of Use

    Integrate RO Innovation into the systems your teams already know and use on a daily basis, like Intuitive workflows and seamless integration make it fast and easy for your team to run with the platform from day one – with virtually no training.

What Makes RO Innovation Different?

Sales enablement firms often require you to change your selling methods to fit their systems, demand large resource investments, and don’t act as a hub between your sales, marketing, and customer advocacy technology teams. Only RO Innovation integrates sales and marketing workflows, customer intelligence, and relevant content and puts it in the hands of sellers at the right time during the buyer’s cycle. What’s more, we provide you with relevant data and analytics to prove effectiveness and earned revenue related to customer content and advocacy.
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Discover How Customer References Give Your Sales Team the Edge