RO Innovation Integrations

Drive ROI

Our API powers close integrations with marketing automation programs, CRMs, and customer engagement applications to maximize your investments’ value.

Increase Visibility

Increase data sharing between your key applications to increase efficiency and enable reliable, end-to-end reporting.

Popular CRM Integrations

After integrating RO Innovation with a leading CRM, the solution can suggest curated customer references, marketing content, and sales coaching materials directly on CRM opportunity records. Additionally, users can request and search for references without ever leaving their CRM.


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Marketing Automation Integrations

RO Innovation integrates with top marketing automation tools to help enable marketing teams to track, scale, and measure their content marketing efforts and maximize their marketing automation investments.


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Customer Engagement Integrations

Get the most out of your customer engagement, customer success, communication and collaboration tools through an integration with RO Innovation.


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