TechValidate Integration

TechValidate + RO Innovation

You’ve invested in the TechValidate platform to capture the voice of your customer and create content that supports it. With the RO Innovation integration, you can take that content and make it available in more ways to drive revenue and increase the ROI of your Customer Marketing Program.

  • Increase Return on Investment

    Seamlessly tie revenue influenced by the use of your customer content.

  • Increase User Adoption

    Increase usage of both Influitive + RO Innovation platforms.

  • Improved Sales Enablement

    Find the right and reward the right customer reference, for the right opportunity, at the right time.

  • Grow Your Program

    Grow your pool of customer reference contacts via engagement in the Influitive platform.

Do More with TechValidate + RO Innovation

  • Create new customer-reference assets using TechValidate
  • Make them more searchable and shareable with RO Innovation
  • Tie revenue influenced by TechValidate produced content to usage in Sales & Marketing activities
  • Discover potential new customer references to grow your Customer Reference Program

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