Marketing Automation Integrations

Bridge the Sales and Marketing Divide

Companies often use marketing automation solutions to qualify leads before handing them off to sales. After marketing teams deliver qualified leads to sales, RO Innovation can help turn those qualified leads into won deals.

Marketo Integration

Together, Marketo and RO Innovation provide a complete “lead to revenue” conversation.

  • Reports which customer advocate and marketing assets had actual impact on closed deals
  • Increased visibility and definitive ROI calculations on marketing assets used in sales cycles
  • Crucial data to know what content works (and what doesn’t) to strategize future marketing spend

Eloqua Integration

Measure your marketing content’s impact through the sales cycle, and discover the most effective assets for closing business.

  • Automatically recommend the right marketing assets for sales team usage
  • Know what marketing assets lead impacted closed deals
  • Intuitive ROI reporting
  • Increase sales and marketing alignment

Pardot Integration

Ever wonder what happens to those content pieces you give to sales to help them close deals? Ever have trouble tying a hard ROI number on the impact of your campaigns and customer marketing activities? This integration is the answer.

  • Measure the impact your marketing content has through the entire sales cycle
  • Discover the most effective marketing assets for closing business.
  • End-to-end visibility to report content marketing and customer advocate influence on revenue

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