Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Do More with Microsoft Dynamics + RO Innovation

  • Shorten sales cycles to drive new revenue faster
  • Boost productivity of your sales team and get new reps up to speed faster
  • Increase usage and adoption of your CRM and RO Innovation investments
  • Ensure salespeople have effective assets at their fingertips
  • Streamline the customer reference request process
  • Report effectiveness, ROI and revenue influenced by marketing content and customer references
  • Maintain cleaner customer data and records from one seamless system

Drive Revenue

  • Cater to the daily workflows of sales reps in your CRM
  • Increase sales productivity: send the right materials to potential customers at the right time
  • Real-time tracking intelligence helps close more deals, faster

Leverage Your Best Sales Assets

  • Proactively push the most relevant sales content and customer references to the rep based on their Opportunity
  • Tie references to closed deals for ROI reports at your fingertips

Streamline Workflows

  • Intuitive integration points streamline reference workflows (like nomination and request submissions)
  • Increases productivity of sales and marketing teams
  • Manage data in one system instead of two: leverage SugarCRM as the system of record for customer data

How Does It Work?

This integration enables seamless user access to the RO Innovation platform from a user’s Dynamics account and enables access to the following RO features:

  • Find Assets & Send Spotlights
  • Find & Request a Reference
  • Nominate a Reference
  • Review status of reference requests & nominations

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