SugarCRM Integration

Do More with SugarCRM + RO Innovation

  • Shorter sales cycles to drive new revenue faster
  • Boost productivity of your sales team and get new reps up to speed faster
  • Increase usage and adoption of your CRM and RO Innovation investments
  • Ensure salespeople have effective assets at their fingertips
  • Streamline the customer reference request process
  • Report effectiveness, ROI and revenue influenced by marketing content and customer references
  • Maintain cleaner customer data and records from one seamless system

Drive Revenue

  • Cater to the daily workflows of sales reps in your CRM
  • Increase sales productivity: send the right materials to potential customers at the right time
  • Real-time tracking intelligence helps close more deals, faster

Leverage Your Best Sales Assets

  • Proactively push the most relevant sales content and customer references to the rep based on their Opportunity
  • Tie references to closed deals for ROI reports at your fingertips

Streamline Workflows

  • Intuitive integration points streamline reference workflows (like nomination and request submissions)
  • Increases productivity of sales and marketing teams
  • Manage data in one system instead of two: leverage SugarCRM as the system of record for customer data

How Does It Work?

Preview and send the right asset at the right time with pre-filtered, recommended customer references & marketing assets within a SugarCRM Dashlet on the Opportunity record. Track engagement for more intelligent follow up that moves the deal along faster.

Based on information in the Opportunity, quickly find customer references and assets that are the most relevant match. Users can also deploy recommended, ready-made Spotlights (microsites) and assets based on stage in the sales cycle.

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Suggest Related Assets

This integration streamlines workflows for the user and sends them directly from the Opportunity record to the RO search results page for quick access to the information most relevant to their sales opportunity.

Preview Requests, Sales Wins and Spotlight Details

Preview Reference Requests, Sales Wins and Spotlight details on the Dashlet from inside an Opportunity.

Related Assets from Account Records

This allows you to preview an asset title and description, and then click to open the asset.

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