Help Sales Send, Know, Say, and Do What’s Best at Every Stage

Without leaving their CRM, sales teams can access the best approved content and references for the opportunity at hand. Sales can also get up to speed faster and work more efficiently with intelligent recommendations on what to send, know, say, and do at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

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Quick Plays and Ready Assets Maximize Sales Team Effectiveness

With Ready Assets, sales can count on having the best, approved content and customer reference assets at their fingertips. Accessible directly from their CRM, Quick Plays help sales with what to send, do, know, and say at every stage.

Pre-Built and On-Demand Microsites Simplify Content Sharing

Sharing bundled content by industry, functionality, sales stage, and beyond is simple with microsites. Leverage pre-built microsites, or package sales and marketing content together to build custom microsites on the fly. Measure success and refine with real-time engagement tracking.

Access a Responsive Interface from Nearly Any Web-Enabled Device

When not working directly from the CRM integration, sales can access the latest, approved sales, marketing, and reference assets on the go from Upland’s responsive interface. It resizes to fit any device, so Sales can always be ready for an opportunity no matter where they are working.


Ready to Accelerate the Sales Cycle and Make Quota Easier?

Research from CSO Insights shows that the number of salespeople achieving quota is declining year over year. Win rates, length of time in the sales cycle, and other key metrics are following similar trends as selling gets increasingly complex. Find out our tips on how to beat these trends.

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eBook: VP of Sales Guide to Making Quota

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