Sales Enablement

Content + Peer Influence = A Powerhouse Combination

Take peer-to-peer selling efforts to a whole new level. RO Sales Enablement drives revenue via CRM opportunity-level recommendations for the best sales and marketing content alongside unique, individual customer success stories. The end result? Accelerated pipeline and improved close rates. RO Innovation’s intelligent recommendations are both adaptive and prescriptive in nature, giving your sales team easy access to the most relevant customer references, content, training, sales plays, and messaging guides when and how they need them.

Right Assets & References, Right Now

Leverage the voice of your customers by providing sales reps with the right content and customer references for their opportunities at the right stage during the sales cycle — all directly within your existing sales technology (i.e. CRM). Differentiate your value and add significance during the buying process, resulting in won business, faster.

Uncover Key Insights

RO Innovation’s sales enablement functionality and seamless integration with various sales and marketing platforms (like, DropBox, and Marketo) creates even greater adoption of your systems and increases visibility with what works most effectively at driving revenue. Better coach front line managers, scale the tribal knowledge of top sellers, and help move the “murky middle” performers by capturing key insights from win/loss analysis.

Sell More Effectively with Advocacy

Buyers are skeptical of vendor messages, overwhelmed by content, and frustrated by slow-moving internal buying committees. Today’s successful companies are increasingly leveraging the happy voices of their customer advocates to drive revenue. RO Innovation automatically aligns (and serves up) the most relevant content and customer references to the sales reps based on the sales opportunity and stage of the sales cycle.

Increase Visibility & Tribal Knowledge

Share internal knowledge with the sales users and coach reps on next steps directly from the CRM via the Quick Play links. Share critical Sales Win information so your team can leverage this knowledge in future pitches, clear up misconceptions, and hone-in on customer considerations during the selection process. Uncover what was successful during the sales cycle and prime the customer reference funnel with new customers to nourish the program.

Enable Your Mobile Sales Force

RO Innovation’s sales enablement mobile application, which is available to users via the Apple App Store, enables users to quickly search, view, and present their favorite content and spotlights during a sales call. Sales users can prep their content in the full platform and then use the slim app to share with their prospects. Intuitive navigation, efficient content search, and integrated spotlight features mean your field teams spend less time searching and more time selling.

NOW Is The Time for Sales Enablement

  • Companies that have invested in a robust customer reference program sell value and differentiation 3-5 times better than others. (CSO Insights)
  • There is a 50% greater conversion rate when advocacy is integrated into the sales process. (Mainstay Partners)
  • Companies with aligned sales and marketing generate 208% more revenue. (Marketing Profs)
  • Effective customer evidence reduces the sales cycle by 17-30%. (Mainstay Partners)
  • It takes almost $30,000 and 7 months to recruit and train a new sales rep. (Aberdeen)

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is an ongoing, strategic process that ensures that your sales organization has access to the most current and immediately relevant content and tools that will help them sell more effectively. This can include anything from sales brochures and internal mobile apps to customer references and reviews. While providing this content is important to empower your sales teams, it’s equally important that it’s delivered – reliably – at the exact point of opportunity to move the sale along the buying cycle.

Enable Your Sales Team to Drive More Revenue