Sales Enablement Module

Capture Sales Insights, Accelerate Pipeline & Improve Win Rates

Break Through to New Levels of Success

RO Innovation’s Sales Enablement module enhances CRM opportunity records by intelligently adding links to the most relevant customer references, marketing content, and coaching materials. Based on an opportunity’s sales stage and details, RO Innovation recommends a curated set of assets that are best suited to help close the deal.

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Always Know What to Share

With Ready Assets, teams can access the most applicable customer references and marketing content directly from CRM opportunity records, so they can stop searching for assets and maintain focus on winning deals.

Move Forward Confidently

With Quick Plays, teams can view the most appropriate sales coaching materials and guides without leaving their CRM, so they can get up-to-speed quickly, avoid common pitfalls, and recreate past successes.

Capture Sales Insights

With sales win and loss tracking, as deals close, teams can submit critical details about how and why they won or lost the deals to drive future success. Sales wins can also identify potential future reference customers.

Powered by a Robust CRM Integration

The Sales Enablement module leverages an integration with a leading CRM, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. RO Innovation’s professional services experts will guide organizations’ through this simple integration to help them get more value from both RO Innovation and their CRM solution.

Enable Your Sales Team to Drive More Revenue