Empower Agents. Improve Customer Experience and Loyalty.

Upland’s Contact Center Productivity solution suite offers a comprehensive, cloud-based, contact center agent experience focused on productivity. By empowering agents with access to knowledge and enabling them to properly engage with customers, organizations can increase retention, drive customer loyalty, and convert more conversations into sales – all while capturing feedback in real-time, throughout the customer journey.

Essentials of a High Performing Contact Center

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Expand agent call capacity to reduce clicks, minimizing data entry, and consolidating customer information.
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Promote knowledge capture, sharing, and collaboration between agents, and centralize customer data in the CRM system, to reduce time-to-resolution.
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Help agents meet their performance targets and delight their customers by connecting disparate systems and streamlining day-to-day operations.
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Automatically deploy surveys and leverage call transcript services to capture customer feedback and gauge customer sentiment.
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Provide managers with the data and insights they need to identify customer pain points and measure agent performance.
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Delight customers with personalized, knowledgeable, and efficient customer service.

Upland Contact Center Productivity Solutions

Cultivate Efficient Contact Center Communications

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for Service and Support

Callers can use self-service, or access routing tools like interactive voice response (IVR) to reach the most appropriate live agent. Dynamic call routing allows the platform to deliver calls based on the information stored and continuously updated in your CRM. Service teams are able to reduce call handle times and increase first call resolution rates by using system screen pops that contain the information they need to resolve customer issues.

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Knowledge Management for Support

Upland’s knowledge management platform elevates the customer experience through every channel. Its KCS® v6 Verified enterprise-grade knowledge hub makes it easy for your IT help desk and customer service agents to create, maintain, and locate relevant information quickly. Providing consistent answers and a single source of truth improves business efficiency, reduces customer effort, and makes your employees more productive.

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Knowledge Management for Self-Service

Upland’s self-service solution reduces support costs by providing knowledge directly to customers through a customized branded experience. Totally configurable, the application integrates seamlessly with your support desk software allowing customers to search for answers before opening a ticket or case.

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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for Sales

With cloud-based CTI, sales reps can make more calls and reach more prospects over the phone using click-to-dial and automated dialing. They can use information stored in their CRM to personalize and tailor conversations with prospects, converting more leads into sales.

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Transform Feedback Into Actionable Insights

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Poor customer experience is the number one cause of customer defection, more so than product or price. The trouble is, traditional surveys just aren’t effective at capturing the insight brands need. Upland’s solutions allow organizations to capture the voice of their customers, in real-time, throughout the customer journey, revealing actionable insights that increase retention and drive loyalty.

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Frontline Engagement

In your world, they may be colleagues, partners, agents, or team members. No matter what you call them, they can make or break your customer experience. That’s why Upland offers frontline engagement to showcase your real-time feedback in a fun and gamified way, empowering your employees and allowing your customers to become the coach.

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Fuel Your Ecosystem

Robust integrations help our customers to operate faster, become more scalable, and drive greater customer engagement. Whether connecting phone systems to CRM, or connecting knowledge to your enterprise ecosystem, our robust partnerships mean you are equipped with a complete solution to enable your contact center for maximum productivity.


Contact Centers by the Numbers

Knowledge workers spend up to 44 days each year searching for information (McKinsey Report)


67% of customers defect because of poor experience, not product or price (Accenture)

CTI software helps agents reduce call handling time by up 1 minute per call (InGenius)

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