World-Class Data Security and Compliance Throughout Your Document Lifecycles

There are thousands of ways that your company receives documents and data, and you need a resilient solution that ensures security and compliance across the organization. Fax, email, scan, or mobile—no matter how your documents are received—Upland’s suite of Secure Document Services ensures that your content is protected, private, and in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Secure Document Services Lifecycle

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chevron Capture
Automatically capture documents, emails, or faxes; images and key data points are extracted and disseminated.
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chevron Automate
Instantly automate workflow documents for processing, reviews, or approvals.
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Securely organize, store, and manage documents from a single source.
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Permissioned users have secure access to documents anytime, from any device.
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& Dispose
Origination through end of life, archival and disposal tools help ensure you have access to needed data while mitigating risks.

Upland Secure Document Services Solutions

Capture Automation with Data Loss Prevention

Whether documents are scanned, faxed, emailed, or printed, capture automation can save your team valuable hours, days, or weeks annually, while ensuring any documents that indicate the presence of confidential information or sensitive data are quarantined for further review.

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Integrated and Compliant (PCI DSS/HIPAA) Fax and Cloud Fax

Upland’s industry-leading fax platform allows enterprises to securely and confidently share private and protected content via a premise, cloud, or hybrid fax solution, while simultaneously lowering or eliminating costs surrounding your IT and fax infrastructure.

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Records Management and Retention Adherence

Upland’s Records Management solution encompasses the entire records lifecycle, from initial capture through retention, archival, or final destruction (as mandated). Configured in minutes, the automated solution results in strengthened business processes and lowered costs, while reducing exposure and risk.

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Secure Document Services Customer Case Study

A top 10-ranked Global Financial Firm uses our secure fax platform for compliant communications that are easy to retrieve and completely auditable. They save over $670,000 per month by simply consolidating to a single fax platform and reducing the number of documents being couriered between branches.”

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Secure Document Services by the Numbers

Percent of organizations who’ve experienced leakage or loss of sensitive confidential documents during the last 12 months.

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CIO Magazine

Percent of lawyers claim to need immediate access to records at any time.

Racing to the Records Room,
Upland AccuRoute Whitepaper

$1 in prevention saves $10 on correction costs and $100 on failure costs.

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