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Customer experience is more important than ever before, yet research indicates there is an expectation gap: 80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience, while just 8% of consumers agree1. Upland addresses this gap, allowing brands to achieve their CX goals. We help deliver personalized messages through preferred channels, at the right time throughout the entire customer journey. We help engage in two-way, genuine conversations, allowing customers to share what’s important to them, when and how they choose. We empower employees on the front line, who can make or break your customers’ experience. And finally, we enable you to take effective action – whether that’s recovering unhappy customers quickly, rewarding advocates, or closing the loop at scale.
1 Bain & Company

CXM Lifecycle

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chevron Awareness
Create interest and drive demand by keeping your prospects in the loop with timely communications and marketing offers.
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chevron Evaluation
Influence decisions by personalizing and tailoring your messaging to the needs and interests of your audience.
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chevron Purchase
Reward customers who make a purchase with complementary cross-sell offers and learn from the experiences of those who chose not to buy.
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chevron Nurture
Deepen existing relationships, foster new ones, and manage the customer experience with data-driven, highly targeted campaigns.
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chevron Feedback
Increase retention and drive loyalty by capturing actionable insight and responding to customer feedback in the moment.
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chevron Advocacy
Amplify your community of loyal customers and encourage them to spread positive word of mouth, across all channels.

CXM Solutions

Enterprise Mobile Messaging

With over a 98% open rate for all text messages sent, it’s not a surprise that organizations have turned to mobile messaging as a way to engage with their audience. Upland Mobile Messaging is the leading mobile engagement platform for managing, executing, and analyzing personalized mobile messaging campaigns at scale.

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Mobile App Personalization & Analytics

Deep insights into consumer behavior help brands craft marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers. With Upland Localytics, move beyond basic user profile statistics to rich audience segmentation, delivering the experiences consumers want and value. With workflows to orchestrate multi-step interactions and support for push, in-app, inbox, and remarketing, brands can tie mobile interactions into a coherent, personalized, cross-channel journey.

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Email and Marketing Automation

Reaching customers with relevant and engaging communications is key to gaining customer trust and building loyalty. Leveraging preferences, observed behavior, and known data to deliver relevant content creates a memorable “first person” experience. Upland’s Adestra and PostUp deliver powerful email and marketing automation solutions and provides marketers with the tools and insights to develop efficient, effective, and rewarding customer relationships.

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Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Poor customer experience is the number one cause of customer defection, more so than product or price. The trouble is, traditional surveys just aren’t effective at capturing the insight brands need. Upland Rant & Rave allows organizations to capture the voice of their customers, in real time, throughout the customer journey, revealing actionable insights that increase retention and drive loyalty.

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Knowledge Management for Customer Service

Upland’s RightAnswers platform elevates the customer experience through every channel. Its KCS® v6 Verified enterprise-grade knowledge hub makes it easy for your IT help desk and customer service agents to create, maintain, and locate relevant information quickly. Providing consistent answers and a single source of truth improves business efficiency, reduces customer effort, and makes your employees more productive.

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Voice of Employee (VoE)

As employees become more autonomous, mobile, and diverse, the traditional top-down annual survey approach is an increasingly outdated measure of engagement. Upland Rant & Rave’s VoE solution allows brands to capture employee sentiment in real-time, so they can adapt, react, and let their key ambassadors know how their feedback is shaping the business.

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Frontline Engagement

In your world they may be Colleagues, Partners, Agents or Team Members, but no matter what you call them, they can make or break your customer experience. That’s why Upland Rant & Rave’s Frontline Engagement module is designed to showcase real time customer feedback to your staff about their performance, in a fun and gamified way, empowering your employees and allowing your customers to become the coach.

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Candidate Experience

Candidates are consumers too, and their recruitment experience can directly impact the way they interact with your brand, now and in the future. So, why wouldn’t you want to capture their real-time feedback? Rant & Rave’s Candidate Experience Solution allows you to find out how you’re doing at every stage of the recruitment process so you can take action, improve your hiring program, and retain top talent.

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Mobile Messaging for Retail

Mobile messaging has become table stakes for retail marketing and business success. 54% of smartphone users have signed up for SMS notifications from a business, equal to email and more than social media likes/following. The Upland Mobile Messaging platform allows retailers the ability to send consumers highly personalized offers based on customer preferences and key CRM data points, such as nearest store location. Upland Mobile Messaging delivers the power to control recurring high-value interactions directly with customers.

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Mobile App Personalization & Analytics for Retail

Let’s face it, acquiring new users is expensive. So for retailers, a loyal customer base is everything. Using Upland Localytics for app marketing, retailers can translate that loyal customer base into sales. Our rich personalization capabilities and sophisticated workflows result in deep customer engagement. Localytics offers a variety of integrations and APIs enabling retailers to deliver a consistent experience to customers on every channel.

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Mobile Messaging for Restaurants

Mobile messaging programs are the most effective way for restaurants to communicate with customers and drive them in store. Whether you’re looking to promote highly personalized, time-sensitive offers, drive store traffic, promote new products, or gather customer data, Upland Mobile Messaging provides the tools and expertise restaurants need to convert one-time customers into lifetime patrons.

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Mobile App Personalization & Analytics for Media

People access content on multiple devices. Once limited to paper periodicals, digital content is now as mobile as the consumers who access it. By providing support from OTT to mobile, Upland Localytics provides a complete view to user engagement allowing media providers to tailor content across platforms, improving user experience and driving loyalty.

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Mobile Messaging for Non-Profits and Causes

Mobile campaigns are the most effective way to reach your supporters and motivate them to take action. With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can send informative text messages, direct phone calls, and set up mobile fundraising campaigns to educate your list and achieve your goals. Whether you’re growing your list or activating your supporters, Upland Mobile Messaging has the tools and expertise to help you engage your mobile users and see incredible results.

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Mobile App Personalization & Analytics for Telecom

Service providers have multiple touch points with customers, whether it’s in-store, online, or in-App. With Upland Localytics, customer data from every interaction comes together, allowing providers to deliver unique offers and services, personalized to customer’s needs. Deep understanding of customer behavior leads to more contextual engagements, resulting in messages that resonate and increased retention.

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Mobile Messaging for Media and Entertainment

With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can reach viewers and listeners anywhere and communicate with them instantly. Text messaging offers a simple, accessible way for anyone to respond to your calls to action. Whether you want to send reminders for upcoming shows, receive real-time feedback on live events, or poll your audience, Upland Mobile Messaging has the tools and expertise to help you engage your audience and see immediate responses and results.

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Email & Marketing Automation for Publishing

Email offers a huge opportunity for the publishing industry where the need for timely, personalized content sits alongside multiple titles and complex automation programs. Pressure to be hyper-relevant requires finding an effective combination of the right data and the right technology. Upland’s Adestra and PostUp deliver powerful, easy-to-use solutions, which can be customized and configured to your system structures that support your business requirements, while in-depth reporting provides actionable insights to drive return on your marketing investments.

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Mobile Messaging for Government

Mobile campaigns are the most effective way to reach and inform everyone in your community. With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can send text messages to help connect underserved populations with vital resources, schedule appointments and alerts in real time, and keep citizens informed about local news. Text messaging is the most widely used form of communication across all demographics.

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Voice of the Customer for Retail

Retail is a fast-changing landscape and winning customer loyalty is harder than ever. Whether your customers are shopping online or in store, the Upland Rant & Rave platform gives them the opportunity to tell you about their experience. Those “silent shoppers” who leave without making a purchase can give feedback too with our always-on Listening Posts.

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Mobile Messaging for Health Management

Upland Mobile Messaging’s suite of healthcare solutions is tailored to help you achieve the outcomes you want. Whether you are looking to reach underserved populations, provide vital health resources, encourage behavior change, or improve medication adherence—text messaging has proven to be the most effective form of communication. With our HIPAA-compliant platform and knowledgeable mobile strategy team, Upland Mobile Messaging brings you all the expertise to launch a successful mobile health campaign and drive real results.

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Voice of the Customer for Travel, Leisure, and Hospitality

In a fast-paced industry like travel, leisure, and hospitality, every second of the customer experience counts. Whether they’re unhappy with the tidiness of their hotel room or they just want to let you know that their server was great, with Upland Rant & Rave, customers can share how they feel in the moment, giving you the opportunity to recover a situation while you have the chance.

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Voice of the Customer for Finance

It’s a transformational time for the financial services industry, with customers expecting the easy, dynamic, and customer-centric service offered by disruptive challenger brands. Although digital channels are taking precedence, it’s important that your in-store and contact center experience isn’t neglected. With Upland Rant & Rave’s multichannel approach, you can ensure you’re providing a consistently delightful experience to your customers no matter how they interact.

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Voice of the Customer for Utilities

When you think of emotional industries, utilities may not be the first that comes to mind. Water, gas, and electricity, although critical in everyday life, are not typically something customers think twice about—until there’s a problem. Issues in utilities can be highly sensitive, which is why they should always be handled right. With Upland Rant & Rave, you can capture this customer emotion and turn it into insight you can act on in the moment and beyond.

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Web Content Management for TV and News Stations

Your viewers depend on you to bring them the news, information, and entertainment they need across multiple platforms. Clickability’s leading Web Content Management platform enables television and news stations to execute their digital strategies with agility, efficiently creating, managing, and publishing content globally. As a result, stations can rapidly deliver dynamic digital content experiences that boost their brand, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

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CXM Customer Case Study: Sage

Sage, the market leader in cloud business management solutions, wanted to capture real-time feedback to understand how its customers really felt about their experiences. By undertaking a UK partnership with Upland Rant & Rave, Sage has seen increases in Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction, plus more engagement from the frontline than ever before.

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CXM by the Numbers

80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience, yet only 8% of consumers agree

– Bain & Company

96% of consumers don’t tell the brand after a negative experience

– Gartner

67% of customers defect because of poor experience, not product or price

– Accenture

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