Customer Success Stories

DRA Global

Upland PSA helped DRA Global save time and money, increase team collaboration, and enhance decision-making.



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Vantage Partners

Discover how Vantage Partners improved visibility, employee engagement and planning with Upland PSA.

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AKA Enterprise Solutions

After implementing Tenrox, AKA Enterprise Solutions saved 1600 hours per year in their accounting and professional services departments.

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Shift Technologies

By Shift Technologies automating their business with Tenrox, they were able to accelerate their time and expense processing from days to minutes.

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Crosspoint Engineering

CrossPoint Engineering leveraged Tenrox time and expense data capture methods to help the speed and accuracy of the client billing process.

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Eaton relies on Tenrox to provide a user-friendly, efficient PSA solution for internal time tracking, project management and workforce coordination in the face of IT and staff restructuring.

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Regent Systems

Regent Systems turned to Tenrox to better manage hundreds of mobile consultants’ time tracking and billing for government contracts.

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Mulberry Consulting

Mulberry Consulting, an international business specializing in customer experience, is a consultancy which uses Tenrox cloud PSA.

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JDA Software

JDA Software uses Tenrox’ cloud-based PSA solutions to manage their resources, to ensure higher billable utilization and project profitability.

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