Tenrox for Resource Management

Optimize Resource Utilization and Drive Greater Profitability

The Tenrox Resource Management module allows you to make sure that your resources are working on the right projects, at the right time and in the right place.

Effective project workforce management in a decentralized project-based business starts with an agile workforce planning strategy that adjusts to changes in your project demand and a powerful yet simple web-based resource management and scheduling tool that is deployed quickly and easily and adapts to the way you do business.

Any organization with more than ten team members will benefit from the Tenrox Resource Management module. Particularly if your projects and team members are geographically dispersed or you have multiple talent sources: centralized, remote and external.

Powerful color coded reporting and analytics enable you to quickly view resource allocations so that you can identify and resolve scheduling conflicts, project overlaps, resource overloads or under allocation, bench time, or more optimal resource deployments.

The Resource Management module includes the following three components: Skill Management, Capacity Planning, and Resource Forecasting.

Skill Management

With our skill management components you have centralized access to up-to-date, easily searchable profiles of resources skills, interests, experience, language expertise, work preferences, availability, and more, empowering you with the information you need in real-time. Update skills and schedules centrally, or allow users to directly manage and update their profiles. You now have a central hub for matching skills and availability to achieve successful employee scheduling optimization. Tenrox resource management and scheduling software helps you match, book, track, and manage your decentralized talent. With the Tenrox Skill Management component, you will see several benefits, including:

Define any number of skill types and levels

  • Assign skills and skill levels to your resources
  • Intuitive self-service tools, quick and easy interface reduces administrative burden
  • Resources can use a self-service skill update request to inform their manager of their new expertise, training or certifications which, once approved, automatically updates the employee’s skill profile
  • Manage your workforce’s skill inventory and availability in one central work scheduling system to get a complete and instant picture of your resource pool
  • Holidays and approved leave requests automatically mark employee’s work calendar as unavailable during their time off

Capacity Planning

Today’s organizations must be able to strategically identify the strongest project mix that will deliver the highest return from their workforce. New project requests must be objectively modeled against current projects, capacity and projected costs/return. Organizations now engage in capacity planning to ensure the most effective and efficient use of their resources. Capacity planning assures appropriate capacity levels to meet business objectives and project management needs. The inability to properly manage capacity can be a barrier to the achievement of maximum firm performance. In addition, capacity is an important factor in the organization’s choice of technology. With the Tenrox Capacity Planning component, you will see several benefits, including:

  • Reduces or eliminates over-provisioning, by identifying the least expensive way to accommodate service level requirements.
  • Ensures availability, by accurately forecasting the infrastructure needed in order to meet demand.
  • Manage your workforce’s skill inventory and availability in one central work scheduling system to get a complete and instant picture of your resource pool
  • Book resources against unlimited number of projects and tasks; book resources by the hour, by day or by FTE (full time equivalent)
  • Book work to roles instead of choosing specific resources for forecasting purposes or to indicate resource shortages

Resource Forecasting

Balancing your staff levels can make or break a business. If you end up with more staff than you need it will seriously compromise your profitability. Even worse, if you end up with more staff with a particular skill set (ex. Developers) and less than you need of another (e.g Testers). In this scenario you will have people doing nothing while there is work that you can’t deliver.

This makes Resource Forecasting a skill which separates to best managers from the rest of the pack. The question is how you can make this potentially tricky task something simple, which can become an easy part of your day. Optimize resource utilization and improve forecasting with the Tenrox Resource Forecasting module. Gain a real-time view of your team’s capacity and current load, increase utilization and improve forecasting while reducing operational planning costs with Tenrox resource forecasting so you can see your entire organization as a “shared project workforce” and manage your worldwide inventory of skills, expertise and capacity.

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