Tenrox Deployment in Your Organization

Launch Tenrox all at once or in stages

The thought of launching an enterprise system can be daunting: What are the risks of making a significant change to existing systems and processes, all at once? How will your users accept the change? What is the impact on our day-to-day operations?

That’s why the Tenrox Project Management solutions are modular. You can implement the complete PSA solution all at once, or introduce it in phases. If you need guidance along the way, our Professional Services Team will help you decide the right path for your organization, guiding you through these important decisions so you can achieve maximal success for your business.

Step One: Project Planning

Use a simple project planning tool that looks just like Microsoft Project, only simpler. Define your Work Breakdown Structure, build Gantt charts, capture project baselines, define task dependencies to better control and monitor project delivery and Earned Value. Leverage Tenrox Project Planning to empower project managers and team members to collaborate on project plans, actual effort, and Estimate To Complete.

Step Two: Resource Management & Scheduling

You can unleash the power of global capacity planning with Tenrox Resource Management and Scheduling. Manage the talent within your organization, your consultants, and your outsourcing partners. Track skills, availability, work experience and interests of your enterprise talent pool. Forecast resource demand and utilization into the future to assess training and hiring needs, manage project demand and to minimize bench time.

Step Three: Eliminate spreadsheets tied to Time and Expense Tracking

With our enterprise timesheet management and expense reporting system, you can track true project costs in real time based on your time and expense reporting policies. With Tenrox Time and Expense Tracking, you can manage and account for “differentiated time” by project, by business unit, any breakdown you choose, in accordance with your corporate rules and applicable labor regulations. You can also get a real-time view of your project workforce and resource groups working on different projects in different time zones all across the world.

Step Four: Project Cost & Billing

Eliminate more spreadsheets by automating cost and billing calculations and accounting. Whether you are concerned with processing pay rules, billable projects, charge-backs, or all of the above, Tenrox Project Cost and Billing accounts for every detail and allocates it automatically across the various elements of your organization and work breakdown structures. Our solution includes highly configurable approvals, routing, notifications and is fully integrated with Tenrox Time and Expense Tracking. The invoicing feature automatically generates invoices for your time, expense and charges according to your pre-set categories: recurring, hourly, fixed, and milestone based. Get up-to-the-minute cost/revenue updates in both “live” dashboard and report formats. Need to track revenue recognition, service purchase orders, and service banks? We got those covered too.

Step Five: Work Process Management

Analytics is always included no matter which Tenrox modules are deployed. Role-based self-service dashboards provide real-time cost, revenue, operational and compliance information such as: budgeted versus actual costs, resource utilization forecasts, time and expense, project and resource cost reports, revenue/chargeback information, profit margins, project health indicators, project financials and more.