Tenrox Technology Platform

Powerful Professional Services Automation Architecture & Technology, designed to maximize your existing enterprise software investments

Tenrox is built on a set of core Microsoft technologies: .NET Framework, Microsoft Workflow Foundation, SQL Server, OLAP, and Reporting Services making it the first turnkey on-demand solution to fully leverage your existing enterprise software investments and a cloud-based project workforce management system that has proven, certified, and built-in integrations to your financials, HR, CRM and other enterprise systems.

Tenrox leverages the Microsoft Workflow Foundation to provide a visual representation of your business processes. Tenrox graphical workflow engine allows you to draw your business process and the workflow engine actually enforces and manages the process as well as all of the business rules for you.

Tenrox is a premium Gold Certified Microsoft Developer with quick and easy to setup connectors to all major financial, HR and CRM applications, as well as to SharePoint. Setup and transactional information is easily exchanged with your financial system empowering you to use your accounting system for summary financial reporting and leveraging Tenrox to manage your project details. Click here to learn more about the various accounting, payroll, HR, and CRM systems Tenrox integrates with.


Upland Integration Platform Powered by Dell Boomi

Upland’s Integration Platform is available with Tenrox and allows exchanging data to and from multiple systems. The real-time, fully automated data flow empowers an enterprise’s workforce by avoiding costly errors associated with manual data entry. To learn more, access the datasheet.

Why Upland Integration Platform?

Configurable Mappings
Each integration can be configured to exchange data for the entities and fields important to your organization.

Automated Integration
Run your imports and exports on a schedule based on criteria, eliminating the need for manual triggers.

Named Leader by Industry Analysts
Gartner has named Dell Boomi a leading enterprise integration platform for 3 years running.

Intuitive Interface
Everything is handled through one, easy-to-use graphical interface.

Powerful Reporting

Your team always needs new reports and dashboards or changes to existing ones. Tenrox provides you with the industry’s most flexible reporting options. You can design your own reports and dashboards using our built-in designer, you can use Microsoft Reporting Services, or build dynamic reports and charts … all free of charge. All the reports and dashboards are built on .NET and can be easily shared in your enterprise or SharePoint portals.

Tenrox includes a simple, cost effective project planning tool that looks just like Microsoft Project, only simpler. Tenrox and Microsoft Project plans are totally interchangeable. You can import your existing project plans or save any Tenrox project plan back into Microsoft Project at a moment’s notice.

When you implement a business solution you want to maximize the office tools you are already familiar with, share the same user experience and understand that the skills required are out there and readily available.

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