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PSA Innovation for Today's Services Organization

A powerful, yet intuitive Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, Tenrox helps organizations better plan, manage and optimize resources and projects. It streamlines administrative operations, ensures on-time and accurate invoicing, and accelerates revenue recognition.

Proposal automation, at-your-fingertips knowledge management, and built-in analytics offer professional services organizations new ways to drive customer engagement, maintain compliance standards, reduce the cost of services delivery, and accelerate services revenue.

Knowledge-Enabled PSA

Recognized by KM World Magazine as “Trend-Setting Products of 2018”, knowledge-enabled PSA delivers PS playbooks into the hands of your users. Every employee has contextual access to a wealth of knowledge from any internal or external source, including project-related information, corporate governance and more. A collaborative workflow allows users to capture and upgrade knowledge as it grows within your organization. Organizations benefit from an efficient user experience, enhanced services project execution, and increased profit margins.

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Time & Expense
For a Remote Workforce

Designed for remote project teams, Tenrox Time & Expense makes it easy to capture and manage all your project costs. Mobile or desktop entry means your team can quickly enter timesheet and expense information. Automated approvals accelerate billing cycles. Powerful reporting lets you accurately track utilization and costs.

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Resource Management

When people are your #1 asset, centralized resource management gives you a strategic advantage to deliver the best projects for your customers. Tight integration with your CRM system allows you to evaluate resource capacity vs demand. Self-service skills database provides visibility into the credentials, competencies, interests and skills of your project team. Effective resource planning ensures your resources are optimized for profitability.

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Project Management
Done Right

Launch new projects with custom plans, or accelerate project planning by leveraging existing templates. Find the right resources based on roles or skills and assign them to projects or specific tasks using a detailed work breakdown structure. Visually manage your project timeline with dynamic Gantt chart views, that links automatically with tasks, resources, schedules. Integrated timesheets helps you monitor financial health – in real-time – keeping your project profitable throughout the entire delivery cycle.

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Project Billing and Financials
Drives Profitability

Keep your organization profitable and your customers happy, with powerful project billing. Centralized time and expense means project financials are always up to date, and customer billing is accurate. Streamline internal approvals and accelerate billing cycles with workflow automation rules. Define different billing rules according to the unique requirements of your customers. Integrate billing with third party accounting systems for maximum control.

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Expense Module Renovation

Project Insights At Your Fingertips

Fully integrated into the Tenrox experience, Upland Analytics is a purpose-built analytics solution for services organizations. Intuitive and easy to use, organizations can easily gather tangible insights into project and business performance. Interactive dashboards give teams real-time data visualization, helping to monitor trends, identify gaps and make strategic decisions – before they impact the bottom line.

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Tenrox UA Dashboard

PSA: Invest a Little, Gain a Lot
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