Upland Analytics

Tenrox UA DashboardProject Insights At Your Fingertips

Fully integrated into the Tenrox experience, Upland Analytics is a purpose-built analytics solution for services organizations. Intuitive and easy to use, organizations can easily gather tangible insights into project and business performance. Interactive dashboards give teams real-time data visualization, helping to monitor trends, identify gaps and make strategic decisions – before they impact the bottom line.

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End-to-End PSA With Actionable Insights

Powered by the Upland Analytics reporting engine, Upland Analytics for Tenrox is fast, secure and powerful, enabling real-time decision making support with deep dive analysis for all your project, resource and financial data.

Give your team the answers they need to start making data-driven decisions, from within their professional services automation (PSA) environment.

  • Native to Tenrox

    Real-time data visualization in your PSA environment, drawing on data from Tenrox or connected third party systems.

  • Unified View of Project Data

    Create reports using any standard or custom Tenrox field, as well as data from other third party connected systems, for consolidated reporting across your ecosystem.

  • Drill Down Capability

    Spot trends and gaps, then drill down to the core data for in-depth root cause analysis.

  • Automated Reports and Alerts

    Get your organization on the same page with reports and alerts sent to the email inbox of key stakeholders.

  • Start From a Template, Or Build Your Own

    Leverage out-of-the-box purpose built reports, or tailor them to your business with drag and drop report authoring, including fields and filters.

  • UplandOne Experience

    Leverage the Upland Analytics platform, and experience a familiar work environment with a consistent User Experience / User Interface.

Take Your Services Business From Reactive to Proactive

Upland Analytics for Tenrox screenshot of resource utilization

Evaluate Resource Utilization

Gain organization-wide visibility into resource utilization. Monitor trends and make proactive decisions about internal or external resources. Identify gaps in skills, competency or utilization targets, and quickly adjust according to project forecasts.

Upland Analytics for Tenrox screenshot of project status report and dashboard

Monitor Project Progress

Quickly grasp project status and identify risks, issues and variance that may affect delivery of key milestones. Drill into the data to identify measures needed to meet budgets and targets.

Upland Analytics for Tenrox screen shot of project financial status reporting

Manage Your Business With Complete Financial Transparency

Visually summarize project financials at all stages of the lifecycle. From forecast to delivery, and invoicing, ensure complete transparency on actuals and variance of the financial health of your entire portfolio.

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