Introducing Tenrox 2018 R1

Tenrox PSA Homepage View 2018 R1Every year around this time, the Tenrox team unveils our biggest release of the year. And this year is no different. Tenrox 2018 R1 marks a new era, with a transition to our next generation User Interface, bringing with it a new, modern experience. We’ve also added a ton of product innovations, and we can’t wait to show you all these amazing new features.

The best part? Many of these new features come straight from suggestions from our incredible customer base.

Get hands on with Tenrox 2018 R1 has to offer:

  • Read the press release;
  • Watch the release webinar and hear our Product Team present the new use interface and share with you the latest product innovations;
  • Read the Product Manager blog to hear their side of the story;
  • Visit the Tenrox 2018 R1 Feature Highlights page to get all the feature highlights;
  • Request a demo, and get an in-depth, presentation so you can learn how specific features will benefit your services organization;
  • Log in to Tenrox Community, our customer portal to see the release notes or ask a question directly to the support team.

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