White Paper

A Buyer’s Guide to Professional Services Automation Software

Professional Services Automation or PSA software is one of the most powerful tools that a professional services organization (PSO) can adopt. The right solution, implemented in the right way allows these companies to take their business to the next level. It eliminates duplication of effort, removes areas of manual effort where mistakes frequently happen, and enables an organization to gain a much better understanding of how it operates and where its opportunities for improvement are.

Yet many PSOs still rely on personal productivity tools to try and run their businesses, living in the misguided belief that they aren’t ready for PSA, or that the tools available are far too complex to implement without a significant investment in time, money and process redesign. It’s for those organizations that this buyers’ guide has been created. It begins by briefly looking at how PSA can help, and at how the absence of PSA is a real performance drag. The guide then provides a brief checklist section where we look at some of the variables you need to consider when deciding whether you need a tool, and who to partner with. We move on to look in a little more depth at some of the key PSA features that can be differentiators for your organization, and finally we help you develop a plan for your PSA implementation that will set you up for success.

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