Timesheet Technology Platform and Integrations

Powerful timesheet management software designed to maximize your existing enterprise software investments

Timesheet is built on a set of core Microsoft technologies: .NET Framework, Microsoft Workflow Foundation, SQL Server and Reporting Services making it the first turnkey on-demand solution to fully leverage your existing enterprise software investments. It’s a cloud-based timesheet and expense reporting system that has proven, certified, and built-in integrations to your financials, HR, CRM and other enterprise systems.

Timesheet leverages Microsoft Workflow Foundation to provide a visual representation of your work processes. Timesheet’s graphical workflow engine allows you to draw your work process and the workflow engine actually enforces and manages the process and all of the business rules for you.

Your team will always need new reports and dashboards or changes to existing ones. Timesheet provides you with the industry’s most flexible reporting options. You can design your own reports and dashboards using our built-in designer, you can use Microsoft Reporting Services, or build dynamic reports and charts, all free of charge. All the reports and dashboards are built on .NET and can be easily shared in your enterprise or SharePoint portals.

PSA, the application behind Timesheet, is a premium Gold Certified Microsoft Developer with quick and easy to setup connectors to all major financial, HR and CRM applications. Setup and transactional information is easily exchanged with your financial system empowering you to use your accounting system for summary financial reporting and leveraging PSA to manage your project details.

See how Timesheet integrates with your existing systems.

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